What To Do When Your Home Is Flooded?

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Lots of different fixtures can flood your whole home, from a slow leaking dishwasher to cracked toilet tanks to lose washing machine’s hose. Burst pipes also are a common felon during the winters. Regardless of which plumbing fixtures have caused your flooded home, you should act quickly to mitigate the damages. Below are the five things that a homeowner must do after discovering that home is flooded.

Shut the Water off
Your main aim is to stop flooding. One method to shut the water off is by turning valve behind damaged plumbing fixtures clockwise. The other alternative is to find out the main shut off valve for water.
If you do not know where it is situated, check the garage, basement, crawlspace, or next to the water heater. If a valve is not inside, it may be buried in an underground box near your street. If you cannot find the main water valve out there and your home keeps flooding, contact your local plumbers for assistance.

Protect or Move Your Furniture
Carry the furniture and all other wet things to some dry area. If anything is there that you cannot move for any reason, put some layers of aluminum foils under their legs and pin the skirts up so color from furniture does not stain the floors. Prop up cushions and shift them outside so that they can dry.

Start the Flooded Home Cleanup Procedure
You should call your local plumbers when you have a flooded house to correct source of flooding and a good restoration company to do in-depth cleaning service and avoid mold growth from easily damaging your belongings or home.
While you must leave most of the flood cleanup to restoration company, the mold can begin growing within only 24 – 48 hours, thus it is imperative to start the drying procedure as promptly as possible.

Here is what should you do when you wait for assistance to come:
  • Remove excess water from the floor. Mop up hardwood and tile, blot the wall-to-wall carpets with towels, and utilize a wet-dry store vac to remove the standing water.

  • Open windows if it is dry and cool outside. Otherwise, turn the air conditioning on — unless flooding was from the sewage and water level rose higher enough to seep in your HVAC unit.

  • Open all the affected cabinets, turn kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans on, and run the ceiling fan in damp regions to assist speed up drying procedure.

Turn the Electricity off
As you know, electricity and water don’t blend. To avoid the chance of electrocution, move to the main breaker panels and flip circuit breakers which power the flooded room in your house. If floor before breaker panel tends to be wet, stand on dry wood plank prior to touching the breaker.

Document the Damages
A big element of recovering from flooded home is getting compensation from the insurance company to assist pay for the damages. Make a complete list of ruined products, the year you bought them, and their own original costs or current values. Take photos of the damages as proof whenever you file the insurance claim.

Call Professional Plumbers for Emergency Plumbing Service
When your home is flooded and you do not know what should you do, call Plumber Cave Creek for the emergency services. The plumbers can assist you to find out the main water valve for shut-off and fix your fixtures or pipes to stop water damages. By installing better fittings, hoses, pipes, and gaskets, they can drastically lower the risks of this incident happening again.


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